Keep in mind, the site is still being worked on.

Yes, the picture doesn’t fit very well in the banner, I will fix that. But you really shouldn’t care about the picture! You are here because you need help with the Ambassador Program! But to make the site more appealing, I will be fixing and adding things onto the site 🙂 Creepy smile, lol.


Welcome To My Site

I supposed you came here because you reached either my Profile on ROBLOX, or you happened to find my YouTube Channel. Either way, welcome! This site is for those fellow ROBLOXians who seem to have problems with the Ambassador Program on ROBLOX. Don’t worry, it still works, just people manage to get confused because of an unexplained detail. Here you will be able to find the answer. If you still have problems, contact TheAmbassadorExpert on

The logo for the Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program